REFINED SUGAR...a subtle poison.

REFINED SUGAR...a subtle poison.

Yes, refined sugar, that elixir that drives our taste buds crazy with pleasure and ecstasy, but wait, is it only a false joy? A trick of the senses to manipulate our psyche into wanting more? An illusion to lead us to massive consumption of a product inducing ill health to our sensitive being? A feel good crutch while we wait for life to get better? A non-food that contaminates our body, our mind and our very soul, preventing us from thriving as we were divinely meant to? Some might even say the devil in disguise. Just one more addictive substance approved by the very same corporations that want your money and to keep you slaves of consumerism at their massive profit. When did we stop being human by giving our power away to these corrupt corporations that only want our money? Well, lets see where it potentially all started and what we ate before it was shoved down our throats on a daily basis.

The truth is, the world's population shares the biggest known addiction in the history of the world. "SUGAR addiction"

Young and old of all ages and nationalities have suffered the harmful effects of sugar for a long time because the side effects of over consumption of sugar were well hidden and the world market has done its best to keep consumers in the dark for the sake of profit and the mighty dollar. But, things are shifting and changing for the good of all. The world is taking a new direction and as the native elders have been saying for years now, "we must go back to the old ways". Wait, what exactly does that mean? We'll get back to that in minute, lets get back to sugar.

According to the data on the world population review website:

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a daily intake of utmost 25 grams (5.75 tsp) of sugar per person for improved health. But, is this the case in most countries? It's certainly not. To explain this, we will look at a few examples of sugar consumption by country to know to what extent countries adhere to or offend this regulation.

Sugar Consumption In The U.S.

The United States is the biggest consumer of sugar on the globe. According to sources, the country's per capita sugar consumption is 126.4 grams daily. That translates to more than ten times the lowest recommended intake of 11grams per day. According to health scientists, a significant percentage of this sugar is contained in these Americans' foods and beverages. And these added sugars may take different forms, including white/ brown sugar, honey, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, dextrose, molasses, etc.

Though the federal government urged Americans to limit the amount added to only 10%, the effect of this recommendation has remained insignificant up to date. Note: for more data visit the following website.

Did you know that the European French consume more fat than north Americans, moreover they consume 5 and a half times less sugars than us and consequently, they have less problems of obesity, cancer and heart disease  than us?

  • 50 years ago the majority of carbohydrates consumed came from  fruits and vegetables. Today they come from flour and refined sugar
  • the body must draw vitamins and minerals from the tissues to process/transform sugars. This can lead to serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • consuming sugary treats will give you a quick energy boost on the short term, but they will bring you down even lower after the rush. It is then a vicious cycle without any advantages. The long term effects are subtle and crippling.
Several studies by Dr. Adolph Roos (physician/dentist) have shown that at the beginning of the century Swiss mountaineers suffered a major decline in their oral hygiene(dental caries), from frequently visiting the outside world (industrialized world). He showed in his studies that as long as the mountaineers ate food from the land in their community, the local soils, their oral health was excellent. The main cause of the decline was the progressive consumption of refined sugar. These studies lasted more than 50 years.
In addition, it should be noted that the aboriginals of tropical countries who consumed natural sugar cane did not have dental caries problem. Dr. Roos concluded that this was partly due to the calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals found in raw sugar cane products. Once refined, these elements are destroyed and eliminated.
Refined sugars have been linked to many diseases, however it is difficult to prove these theories because symptoms of diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies can take 20 to 30 years to appear.
I hope this will give you food for thought and draw more attention to natures bounty. Indisputably, you ARE what you eat.
Thanks for reading and stay healthy.
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