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IRON Carbonyl 22.5mg 90 Vegi-Caps

IRON Carbonyl 22.5mg 90 Vegi-Caps

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About Carbonyl Iron

Carbonyl® Iron powder is metallic iron (Fe) with high (> 98%) iron content. It is not a salt.

It absorbs at 69%, compared to only 10 to 15% with most other forms of iron.

The high iron content and high absorption rate results in lower dose per capsules, achieving the same or better daily intake levels, compared to ferrous (Fe2+) salts (e.g., ferrous sulfate, ferrous fumarate, or ferrous gluconate),
while at the same time and most importantly, side effects like constipation and gastro-intestinal discomfort and pain are avoided.

In addition to the high iron content, a key physical property of Carbonyl® Iron is its fine spherical particle size and porousity with huge surface area, both resulting in higher human bioavailability than other iron forms.

Carbonyl® Iron is far less toxic than soluble iron salts, it causes fewer side effects.

With its low dose level, excellent bioavailability and low toxicity, Carbonyl® Iron is a better choice for iron supplementation.

With greater than 98% iron, Carbonyl® Iron has a much higher iron content than ferrous salts, such as ferrous gluconate, ferrous sulfate and ferrous fumarate (Table 2).
As a result, substantially less Carbonyl® Iron is required to reach the same unit dose than a ferrous salt, resulting in lesser side effects.

The amount of iron absorbed by the body per unit dosage from a particular iron source is a function of several factors: particle size, surface area, ionic charge, iron content.

The first three of these factors contribute to the relative biological value (RBV) of the iron source -  a measure of how quickly the iron enters the blood stream.

Table 1 shows that the high iron absorption from Carbonyl® Iron results from its small particle size, which contributes to a higher RBV than other forms of elemental iron, and its high iron content relative to ferrous sulcate.

("Ferronyl  Iron" is Carbonyl® Iron)




Medicinal Ingredients (per dose unit): Iron (Iron, Carbonyl) 22.5 mg, Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid) 100 mg.

Non-Medical Ingredients: 100% vegetarian capsule, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate (veg. source), Silicon Dioxide.

Contains no: sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, milk, egg, corn, shellfish or preservatives.

Choose Carbonyl® Iron by Pure Lab Vitamins!
Pure and certified Gluten Free.


In a study of iron-deficient rats, Sacks and Houchin (1978 a,b) concluded that, for similar iron dosage levels, Carbonyl® Iron powder was as effective as ferrous sulfate and more so than ferrous pyrophosphate in restoring normal hematocrit levels. Due to its finer particle size, carbonyl iron powder was also found to be more efficacious than the other forms of iron (e.g., electrolytic and reduced).

Since less Carbonyl® Iron is required to achieve the unit dose, compared to ferrous salts, lesser side effects are achieved. Lesser side effects increase compliance, which is probably the biggest problem in iron supplementation.

Safety and Toxicity:

The primary reason Carbonyl® Iron is offered as an alternative to ferrous salts is the inherent safety (30 - 150 fold reduction in toxicity) that results from the rate limiting conversion of elemental iron to ferrous ion via gastric acid. As a result of the slow gastrointestinal oxidation, toxic effects resulting from accidental overdose of Carbonyl® Iron take longer to materialize; a window of time allowing clinical intervention.

Both historic and more recently expanded acute oral toxicity studies in several animal models support these claims. In addition, statistics compiled by the American Association of Poison Control Centers show both fewer and less severe incidences of toxic exposure resulting from accidental overdose of carbonyl iron powder versus ferrous salts. This inherently safe material is one effective and demonstrable way iron supplementation does not become iron overdose and death.

Carbonyl® Iron is far less toxic than soluble iron salts, it causes fewer side effects, and the slow absorption from the GI tract provides time for clinical intervention in the event of accidental overdose.

Combined with its high bioavailability, lower use levels and bland taste, Carbonyl® Iron is a better choice for iron supplementation.

Carbonyl iron therapy for iron deficiency anemia.
Blood Journal, American Society of Hematology, 1986 67: 745-752

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