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Thyropure 120 Vegi-caps

Thyropure 120 Vegi-caps

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A vegan and herb-free formula designed to provide the 5 essential thyroid nutrients in their most bioavailable forms

Pure Lab’s ThyroPure is a vegan and herb-free formula of 5 thyroid-essential nutrients in their most bioavailable forms. Individuals can take 1 to 2 capsules daily at meal time.

About ThyroPure

The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland situated in the neck. This gland controls the speed of all chemical reactions that happen in the body: digestion, the conversion of food into energy, the synthesis of new hormones, tissue repair, the processing and elimination of waste, and so much more.

When levels of thyroid hormones are too low, these activities slow down. This can cause us to feel tired, sluggish, and cold; we may feel depressed, experience dry skin and hair, and we may gain weight or have trouble losing weight. A poorly functioning thyroid is also a risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

In order for the body to sustain healthy levels of thyroid hormones, we need to supply enough of the key nutrients that serve as the building blocks for these hormones.

Pure Lab’s ThyroPure is a vegan and herb-free formula of 5 thyroid-essential nutrients in their most bioavailable forms. Individuals can take 1 to 2 capsules daily at meal time.

Formula Ingredients

L-Tyrosine: L-Tyrosine is an amino acid, and one of the building blocks of thyroxine—that’s thyroid hormone. Pure Lab’s ThyroPure contains 350 milligrams of L-Tyrosine per capsule.

Zinc Glycinate: High absorption, stomach-friendly zinc. Zinc is used by the body to regulate TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) synthesis. It is a cofactor for more than 300 metalloproteins, activates specific thyroid enzymes and is used for proper T3 receptor signaling. Each capsule of Pure Lab’s ThyroPure contains 2.5 milligrams of elemental zinc from Zinc Glycinate.

Potassium iodide: Iodine is essential to the production of thyroid hormones T4 and T3. Deficiency in iodine stunts fetal brain development, and in adults, causes hypothyroidism, with digestive problems, elevated blood lipid profiles and high blood pressure if untreated. Pure Lab’s ThyroPure contains 100 micrograms of iodine per capsule, in the form of potassium iodide, which is one of the safest forms of supplementary iodine.

Selenomethionine: The thyroid gland contains more selenium than any other organ. It serves vital functions in thyroid hormone production and metabolism. Thyroid function depends on selenoproteins, and also, glutathione peroxidase—which has antioxidant effects that extend to immune benefits. Each capsule of Pure Lab’s ThyroPure contains 100 micrograms of elemental selenium from Selenomethionine—supporting the production of glutathione. Our Selenomethionine is yeast-free and has an absorption rate of over 90 percent.

Copper Glycinate: Among its roles in the body, copper is essential to energy production, iron metabolism and neurotransmitter synthesis. Since all of these functions influence energy, individuals with fatigue may benefit from the 250 micrograms of chelated copper in each capsule of Pure Lab’s ThyroPure.


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