Collection: GUT Health & Digestion

Probiotics are an essential part of life. Our body needs them for our very survival. With today's diet and lifestyle, it's rare that anyone has enough good GUT bacteria to sustain a healthy body, mind and immune system. Even our soils are depleted of healthy bacteria. Every living creature including soil has a microbiome, in other words a bacterial system that harmonizes with every cell in our system to promote life and harmony in our body. Bacteria play a key role with enzymes and bile for digestion. Did you know our bodies have more than one microbiome? Our brain has it's own microbiome, women have an additional microbiome in their breasts and it's now common knowledge that our GUT and intestinal system are the primary microbiome. Bacteria are everywhere in the body, but they concentrate in certain areas. Because of today's lifestyle, large scale commercial farming causing lack of nutrients in foods, we need to constantly replenish bacteria in our body. Stress, processed foods, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, high carb diets, sugar consumption, smoking, caffeine are all part of the problem, not the solution.

Health begins in your GUT!